Anne Gable Allaire

"To be able to give outward expression to the beauty I see is a gift I hope to share with those who view my work."

I love to paint what I observe in the world around me and I love to paint with pastels. To be able to give outward expression to the beauty I see is a gift I hope to share with those who view my work.

I am delighted that pastel is enjoying a renaissance. It is the oldest, most durable medium, and I am excited by its versatility. Pastel can be used with much spontaneity, or with attention to precise detail. The colors offered in pastel appeal to my love of the amazing colors I see in nature, from the brilliant sky and water colors to the nuance of hues seen in the tiniest vein of a leaf. The directness of the medium enables me to put down on paper what I see, with an immediacy that allows my creativity to flow. I love the process. It is glorious!

Painting has sustained me during many periods of uncertainty in my own life, and as troubling events swirl around us all, I continue to find peace and comfort by being with my creative process. It is my hope that all of us may seek inspiration in the Arts.

-Anne Gable Allaire, PSA-MP

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Most of my paintings have had their beginnings "en plein air" and have been completed in the studio. The exception would be those images which were captured by my camera when that was the only tool available. In both situations I will use photos as a reference, but always, I will have visited that place and know it well in order to paint it.

I have used many kinds of surfaces for my paintings, including various papers and pastel board. Lately, I have enjoyed using an archival sanded pastel paper on which I can underlay a wash of pastel and turpenoid.

The pastels I use range in grade from pastel pencils to hard, mediums and soft pastel sticks. For me, pastel painting is a perfect combination of painting and drawing.

From time to time I enjoy painting in an abstract manner, but presently I am using a more representational approach with my work



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